Remember the Blue Nile’s “Ring It. Sing it.” giveaway that was posted earlier? One lucky guy could win his lady her dream engagement ring, a trip to NYC and the chance to propose to her on live TV at NASDAQ. They chose a winner. And what an adorable couple! Here’s what the future groom had to say about his bride to be:

“I first met Michaela in the 7th grade on my first day at a new school. I was almost popular at my last school, and I was anticipating similar results this time around. Then I met Michaela. I did my best to put on a worthy show. I caught her attention with a smile. I broke the ice with humor. I enticed her with charm. She was unimpressed. I liked her immediately. I still do. You see, Michaela has personality. She runs 10ks. She can entertain a crowd. She gets excited over clean sheets. She loves festivals. She water skis. She adores kids. She mountain bikes. She eats her vegetables. She snow skis. She travels. She runs triathlons. She can feed the penguins. She whitewater rafts. She hot-air balloons. She studies hard. She runs mini-marathons. She even loves football. A lot. And because of her, we do these things together.

Yes, Michaela has the unique ability to make others better. She is able to do this because she is secure with herself. She tells the truth. She forgives. She works hard. She sticks up for the weak. She challenges the strong. She does the right thing without being told. In short, Michaela’s integrity is unimpeachable. Unsurprisingly, coolness was not in the cards for me that first day of school. Or that year. Or even the years after that. In fact, coolness still eludes me today. But Michaela did not. We became a couple sophomore year of high school. It has been a long time since 7th grade. Thirteen years if you were inclined to count; and through three years of high school, four years of college, and three years of graduate school, I have fully spent half my life with her already. I can’t imagine spending the rest with anyone else. Today, she is a bi-lingual nurse for low-income Latinos in Indianapolis; and I am six weeks short of graduating from Indiana University with a joint J.D. /MBA degree. We are the perfect Blue Nile couple because Michaela is the perfect Blue Nile girl. In addition to having a knockout figure, Michaela has character to spare. She is beautiful, smart, educated, witty, and caring. And I am lucky enough to have her. Irrespective of this contest, I will marry Michaela because she is perfect for me. But if you take a closer look, you will find that she is perfect for you too. Plus, she would look pretty damn good on a Jumbotron.”
So sweet. You can see the actual proposal here.