Red lipstick has been back for a while. (I think it’s Mad Men that did it) Seems like whenever I go out now at least half the women in the room are wearing red lipstick. But some women are still hesitant to go with such a bold color for their wedding. Common thoughts are that  it’s too harsh against the white dress, too much work to reapply, and might look dated after a while. To each her own. Personally, I love the pop of red with all the white and think it looks polished and classic. Also if  you’re having photos taken of you throughout your wedding day, you’ll probably be checking your makeup anyway. And there are plenty of makeup lines with smudge-proof lip stains for all-day wear. So if you’re the type of bride that already wears red lipstick and wants some classic glamour on her wedding day, I say go for it.

This lovely red pout was photographed by The Nichols. More photos of this wedding can be seen here.