If you have started looking at wedding photography packages, then you know albums can cost more than a pretty penny. It’s usually for good reasons too.

Generally, the albums photographers sell you are:

– heirloom quality made with archival products and printed on archival paper.
– custom-made to your wishes.
– hand-mounted and hand-bound.
– covered in fine leather.
– time-consuming for your photographer to design. Generally, photographers will design the layout and take care of color correction for printing.

If you’re thinking of skipping on an album just because of the cost, consider instead getting a book from Pinhole Press! A simple, press-printed book, with 96 images will cost you around $64.99. They offer templates to help you do the layouts yourself. While it’s not a fancy photo album, it is a tangible way of showing off your photos and a whole lot nicer than posting them all to Facebook!

photos via A Cup o Joe