Chalkboard signs have been trendy for a while at weddings.  They can be used as signs directing people to the ceremony and as a drink sign next to the bar. They also looks great as a big menu that lets guests know what they will be served and saves you the trouble of printing out a 100 mini menus! If your handwriting is anything like my chicken scrawl, you might want to ask your artsy friend with the pretty penmanship to help out, hire someone, or do it yourself with the trick mentioned in this Ruffled post.

Graphic Designer Dana Tanamachi‘s beautifully designed lettering has intricate detailing.

Calligrapher Lisa Holtzman of A to Z Calligraphy creates elegant lettering for chalkboard signs and invitations.

Etsy Dealer, PrettyMail offers beautiful, whimsical lettering for a very affordable price.